Social & Emotional Development
  • Show respect, kindness, patience, and love toward others
  • Recognize that we are part of a large, diverse world in which we each
    play an important role
  • Enjoy school & interacting with peers while obeying school rules
  • Maintain a reasonable attention span
  • Begin to understand that our actions impact other
  • Take turns and share when appropriate
  • Understand and obey simple directions
  • Develop and exhibit self-esteem, self-worth and self-control
  • Communicate feelings, needs and desires appropriately
  • Follow a daily routine
  • Respect the feelings and property of others
  • Stand up for himself/herself appropriately when necessary
  • Realize a sense of pride when seeing a project to completion
  • Enjoy participating in dramatic play and role playing

Cognitive Development
  • Practice concepts of alike & different
  • Begin to observe and understand cause and effect
  • Practice matching, sequencing, identifying and predicting
  • Grasp concepts of up/down, big/small, more/less, etc.
  • Ask and answer appropriate questions
  • Follow three-step directions
  • Understand and remember his/her accomplishments
  • Begin to understand basic math concepts & number recognition
  • Be exposed to various music genres, instruments and concepts
  • Begin to understand basic science concepts
  • Begin to understand global and local community concepts
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